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Class of 1967

In Loving Memory and Never Forgotten

Every day as we get older we hear about one of our old friends leaving us. We wonder when is it my turn or why! Well lets say that it is just a timing of the Lord above. It is always depressing and saddening to learn that a friend has passed on. Should we be depressed, NO , be happy. For they have gone on to a better place than we are in now. We should remember the person, the good times and the memories of those friends we had. They will always be a part of us and the Class of 67. Remember them always as you would want to be remembered. God bless each and everyone of them for they are people to be remembered. They will always be a part of the Class of 67's soul.

Below is LHS's Class of 67 Roll of Honor

Name Date
Kathleen A. Brennan  
Dennis Ciesla  
Patricia Cwick  
Michael Flak July, 2007
Isaac Foster  
Richard George  
Leon Giles  
LeRoy Giles  
Sandra Gowlis  
Ronald Heferle  
Mary Hura  
John Janiga  
Sandra Johnson January 22,2008
Christine Kozub  
Amador Lopez  
Nancy Love  
Francis Mach  
Mary Ann Michnik  
Paul Odiam  
Terry Ranger  
Teresa Rebl August 1,2007
Tony Rosati  
David Schelesky  
James Sexton  
Karen (Moore) Skoczylas July 2,2003
Linda Sharon Smith  
Sharon Sobaczyk  
Richard Swygert  
Yvonne Sylvers  
Delbert Thomas  
Dennis Urbanczyk  
Eugene Viterna  
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