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LHS Class of 1967

Web site use instructions

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Site Navigation

    To navigate the site use the menu at the top of each page to move from one page to another. Each item listed in the menu is a link to a different page. You can also use your browser BACK button to move back to the previous page if you prefer.

    You will notice that on the menu the links are black underlined words which look like this Alumni. After you click on a link it will look like this Alumni on all other pages except for the one you went to. This means it is a link which you have already visited. If you went to the Alumni page Alumni on the menu will look like this Alumni. This designates that you are on the Alumni page and it is not a link. You can click on it all you want and you will remain on the Alumni page. Confusing, well just remember black underlined menu links mean not visited yet....light blue underlined menu links mean visted pages and white not underlined menu items mean the page you are on.

    I have created links on pages, which look like this Back to top, for navigating back to the top of a page. If you click on the link the you will be returned to the top of the page. If you prefer you can use the scroll bar on the right side of your browser. You can do this by moving you mouse cursor on the scroll bar button then hold the left mouse button and move the bar as far up as you want.

    On the Reunion page I created and additional sub menu with links that look like this 35th    30th    25th    20th    10th, these are links that, when clicked on will take you to a particular set of reunion pictures you wish to look at. If you prefer you can s the scroll bar on the right side of your browser to scroll through the page.

    On the Alumni page I created links for navigating up and down through the list on the right hand side of the screen. The links look like this UP  DOWN
. If you click on UP you will be taken a full page up through the list and by clicking on DOWN you will be taken a full page down through the list.

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Email links

    I have built email functionality into the site in the event while you are on certain pages you wish to send an email to Veronica, myself or one of our classmates without having to go to your email program to do so. You may have noticed on the home and news pages that I have my name and Veronica's looking like this Al Caruso and Veronica Otremba. This means that they are links and when you click on them your email program will pop up with our names in the TO line automatically and the SUBJECT line will already have something in it. All you need to do is begin typing your message and send it. In the Alumni list I have done the same thing with anyones name who we have an email address for. Then names with email addresses will look like this Al Caruso. Once again when you click on a name in the Alumni list your email program will pop up with the name of the person you wish to send an email to.

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Picture Submission

Ok so you would like to submit some pictures to be posted on this web site to be shared by everyone in our class. But you aren't sure of how to do it. Simply follow these instructions:
   1.)   If you are knowledgeable enough about computers and have pictures already on your computer or a disk simply email them to Al Caruso ( read in the EMAIL section above on how to email him or go to the comment page and submit a comment and attach your files to the email).
   2.)  You have pictures but they aren't on your computer. Well you can do one of three things. One, if you have a scanner, scan the picture and then email it. Two, if you have no scanner, send the picture to Veronica and she will scan it and send it to Al Caruso to be posted.
   3.)  You are worried about not getting you picture back, take your negative to any phot shop (one hours will do) and they will put it on a disk for you if you tell them you want to have it put on a disk. Then you can take the disk home and attach the picture file/files to an email that you will send to Al Caruso.
   4.)  If you are still confused click
HERE  and when your email window comes up just type a message asking for help with sending pictures for posting to the site. Your message will be sent to Al Caruso directly.

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